Kalamandalam Kerala – Community for Performing Expressions

Thrissur, the social focus of Kerala supports this named focus. The middle is at the banks of Bharathapuzha (Nila) Cheruthuruthy.

This essential community for performing expressions in Kerala pursues Keralite conventions of old style move structures, where old gurukula framework is trained. It offers preparing for Kathakali, Koddiyattom, Mohiniyattom and Thullal. Standard, Long haul, Present moment and Escalated courses are accessible that makes a novice into an expert.

The uneding enthusiasm of Vallathol Narayana Menon, (a writer and researcher) towards Kathakali and other performing expressions, cleared route to the foundation of Kerala Kalamandalam in 1930. Pattikkamthody Ravunni Menon, Master Kunchukurup, Kalmandalm Krishnan Nair, Kalamandalam Neelakantan Nambeesan, Kalamandalam Krishnan Kutty Pothuwal, Painkulam Rama Chakyar, Thottasseri Chinnammu Ammu are the commended characters who did their commitments to Kalamndalam.

The troupes of kalamandalam travel to various nations making social wave all through the world. They have taken an interest in various Universal Move Celebrations. Kalamandalam additionally has various understudies and analysts from abroad.

At the essential stage, the staffs thought that it was hard to meet the use for its support; later it was changed over to an award in-help organization completely financed by the administration. By and by an order of official committee and general chamber directs Kalamandalam (designated by the State Government). The secretary administers the everyday issues.


By and by working at Vallathol Nagar offers numerous offices for the followers.

o Kalaris – the preparation rooms

o Koothambalam-The Sanctuary Theater

o Secondary School

o School Library

o Recording Studio

o Staff Quarters

o Lodgings

o Workers Co-employable Society

o Regulatory Square

o Craftsmanship Exhibition

Koothambalam (Sanctuary Theater)- The sanctuary implied for the presentation of Koothu and Koodiyattom is viewed as consecrated. The middle planned in the antiquated engineering style,

is where the correspondence between the crowd and the specialists occur.

The foundation offers different declaration and confirmation courses. Secondary School training with any chosen performing expressions, in addition to two and degree courses (B Workmanship) endorsed the State Government are the additional preferences. Foundation gives intensive lessons in Koodiyattom, Mohiniyattom, Kathakali, vocal Music and other percussional instruments. The course proceeds upto three months to two years relying upon the subjects.

Under Universal Social Trade Projects, Indian Chamber for Social Relations Administration of India chooses the understudies.

Vallathol Historical center

The Historical center at the living arrangement of Vallathol shows the life of Vallathol through compositions and pictures.

The Craftsmanship Order

o Kathakali-popular move dramatization play dependent on subjects in Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Bhagavatha.

o Koodiyattom-this multi year old traditional Sankrit theater execution is a benefit to Chakyars and Nambyars. The primary character acts the glimmer back occasions is the custom of the play.

o Nangiar Koothu-is a play where the lady character authorizes the Sree Krishna charitam (the narrative of Krishna) in 41 days.

o Mohiniyattom-the customary move type of Kerala prospered in the seventeenth century A.D. The artist wears a brilliant jerry circumscribed cream shading saree, abdomen piece of clothing, gold hued decorations, jasmine blossoms on the head and straightforward make up on the face.

o Thullal-is a solitary on-screen character execution that pulls in even an uneducated through its straightforward cadenced music.

o Panchavadyam-blend of five ensembles Thimila, Maddalam, Edakka, Kompu and Cymbal. For the most part performed during sanctuary celebrations.

Very much experienced and gifted resources are accessible for the equivalent. Kalamandalam RamanKutty Nair, Padmanabhan Nair, Gopi are the pride of the organization who keep up the universal standard of the foundation.


A test in Malayalam or Sanskrit is to be performed preceding the confirmation and on finishing the seminar based on capability of the understudy.

The individual can participate in any of the subjects. Classes will be taken for Utilitarian Malayalam and Sanskrit, whenever mentioned.

Courses initiate from June first to Spring 31st and excursion classes are accessible from April first to May 31st. No cutoff time is fixed for the receipt of utilizations. The establishments additionally offer intensive lessons.

Mechanism of Correspondence English, Malayalam and verbal interchanges are supported. Correspondence of the educator with the outside understudies is principally through ‘mudras'(hand signals). English is essentially utilized when long discourses are required.

Course structure: Nuts and bolts and exceptional training (2hrs) will be given toward the start everything being equal. Simply after the consummation of the essentials of the course, one can experience the halfway and propelled exercises. The preparation of the outside understudies will be with the local understudies after they have increased enough experience that specific course.

Money related asssistance

Sponsorships are accessible for the remote understudies expecting to consider in Kerala kalamandalam. Indian committee of social relations, Administration of India, New Delhi Indo Sasthri Canadian Organization, the NCERT, and the American Establishment if Indian Studies are a portion of the Indian foundations there is plausibility of sponsorship.

Colleges and branches of culture and training everywhere throughout the world help the equivalent.


The appropriately topped off application is to be send to the accompanying location alongside a crossed DD of US$-10 or Rs.500 or a guaranteed check. On the receipt of the application structure alongside this handling charge, the subtleties of the courses will be educated. Understudies expected to participate in the intense training ought to present their application in a plain paper alongside their profile information.



Cheruthuruthy – 679 531

by means of Trissur, India

Telephone number: 91 – 4884 – 262418, 262562

Charges: expenses are payable ahead of time and in various portions.


Paying Visitor per head every month: 150$ – 200$

Remote Understudies lodgings:

o With cooking offices – 70$

o Without cooking offices 50$

Archives to be submitted

1. Photocopy of the identification and the understudy visa

2. One identification size photograph

3. Unique No-Guides testament verified by the perceived authority of the specific nation

4. A short depiction on the performing craftsmanship preparing or presentation you have made (discretionary)

5. Suggestion letter from the educator (discretionary)

To reach there:

Air: Cochin Universal Air terminal

Rail: Thrissur Railroad Station

Street: Thrissur K.S.R.T.C bus stop

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